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May I use the film music however I want?

The film music is Free for personal and commercial use and No attribution is required. However, you are not allowed to make samplings, make remixes of the songs or in any way release the music separated from movies created within the app. Read the terms here.

Will there be more music included?

Yes, there will be more. The app will be continuously updated with new music and themes. Please let us know on our Facebook page what kind of music you want and we'll try to produce new music that suits your interest.

Why can't I use all my films in my photo library?

To be able to use music that enhances the drama of your film, Dundertoner needs a minimum of 10 seconds of footage. Longer films give more room for the music theme to evolve.

Why are some sound effects marked in orange and some in green?

The different effects are created so they will musically fit different parts of the song. The green effects can be placed before the climax point and the orange after.

Why do the handles starts to wobble when I try to move the climax point really close to the end?

Every music theme has a musical structure which means that to be able to create a nice and seamless crossing between different parts, there are some limitations. When a climax point gets too close to the end of start point, the handles start to wobble.

Sometimes a climax point can be added earlier than you think, and you can add a sound FX at the actual point you intended to enhance. The SFX:s can be added anywhere on the timeline.

Why can't I edit the film?

Dundertoner is only built for adding music to an edited film, it's not a film editing app. For film editing, there are other suitable applications, such as Apple's iMovie. However, in Settings you may choose to trim the video length to the music's length. You can also create a Fade in/out, and choose your video quality.


Dundertoner is powered by AudioCue®, a new generation music engine that focus on adaptive music.


Klevgränd's vision is to create long-lasting impressions, using state of the art technology, combined with the power of music. Read more.


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